Gery Georgieva: UWU Channel Radiance

Gery Georgieva UWU Channel Radiance
UWU Channel Radiance

Gery Georgieva 

Cubitt Artists, 8 Angel Mews London N1 9HH +44 (0)20 7278 8226

Preview: Friday January 31, 2020, 6.30–8.30PM

Everyone welcome.

OPEN February, Sat 1–Sun 9. Times: 12–6PM Wed-Sun.

Supported by Cubitt Artists, a custom algorithm has been produced in which to forecast the next phase of the organization’s archive. By inputting the past 30 years of Cubitt’s institutional history into a custom machine learning software, entirely new archive materials have been generated ranging from press releases to speculative artist bios up to the year 3000.

Responding to the data generated by the algorithm, Gery Georgieva presents UWU Channel Radiance, a multi-media installation of video and sculptural works. Loaded with historical and mythological motifs, Georgieva uses source material from European iconography, broadcast television, and nightclub culture to employ tropes from classical painting to contemporary popular culture as the archive embodied.

At the center of a hyper-saturated media wall, Georgieva appears as the inter-dimensional figure of the oracle. In the guise of a news-reader, she reads from an autocue script produced in collaboration with writer Vanessa Onwuemezi. The script employs Cubitt’s algorithm as a prompt, delivering multiple news headlines equally as random and poetic as the algorithm itself. Surrounding this is the configuration of videos plucked from the artist’s own media archive, all set to the soundtrack of an original musical composition by Naima Karlsson. Playful and cyclical in its execution, UWU Channel Radiance engages with archive in summoning the feminine prophets of our future.

UWU Channel Radiance is part of t he ongoing project Universal Work Unfinished which responds to research conducted by curator Julia Greenway and ongoing conversations with artist Gery Georgieva. The custom algorithm was developed in collaboration with Black Shuck, the UK based co-operative producing digital projects.

This exhibition is generously supported by Arts Council England and presented in partnership with Cubitt Artists and Goldsmiths University of London MFA Curating.


Gery Georgieva (b. 1986 Varna, Bulgaria) is an artist based in London. Her work encompasses video, performance, multimedia installations and musical collaborations. Through a process of performative self-staging and improvisation, she uses the immediacy of her own body as material to consider the construction of taste, personal empowerment and cultural configuration. Recent projects include: Mending a Broken World (with Lenke Rothman), Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping; На Чешмата: At The Source , Palais De Tokyo and Block Universe, London; The Blushing Valley , Swimming Pool Projects, Sofia and PolytheneQueen, Hunter/Whitfield,London.HervideoworkshavebeenscreenedatWhitechapel Gallery, South London Gallery, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Royal Academy of Arts London, MOCA Cleveland, Ohio, Frieze Art Fair, London & Random Acts, Channel 4 amongst others.

Cubitt is an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. Founded in 1991, Cubitt now provides 32 artists’ studios with all artist members taking an active part in the running of the organisation.

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