Sadie Edginton reports on the recent No Shortlist workshop

Sadie Edginton has written a piece in response to taking part in Joshua Sofaer’s No Shortlist workshop. Sadie and Joshua both have studios at  73 Mildmay Street Extra Care setting, as part of a partnership project with Cubitt and Notting Hill Genesis.


Image credit: Sadie Edginton

Here is an excerpt:

After introductions, Joshua explained the premise of ‘No Shortlists’. He put the artists’ names into a bowl and pulled them out one by one, matching us to the four institutions. We were reminded that ‘every artist had been nominated by someone else in the room’. It was like a secret Santa, each institution bringing an artist and starting a project with a different artist. I was matched with Cara Courage from Tate Exchange. Next we were due to go off for a chat, present our work for 20 minutes and ‘workshop together towards the goal of creating a new piece that will go on to be fully commissioned.’

Cara and I went up to my studio on the second floor of the care home where we sat and talked for an hour and a half at my desk. The conversation flowed easily and we seemed to share an appreciation of the issues surrounding collaborative practices. Here I was speaking to someone who was interested in my work, rather than critically examining it and that was already a validating experience.

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Image credit: Sadie Edginton


Artist Participants
Amy Pennington
Elsa James
Sadie Edginton
Juan delGado

Organisation Participants
Cara Courage, Tate Exchange
Dimity Nicholls, Cubitt Education
Elena Gifford, Festival of Making
Emily Gee, Heart of Glass

Joshua Sofaer


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