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Ings (Holding, Shaking, Gazing, Net-Working) & An Edible Portion of Truth are two artworks created in parallel by Lucy Steggals & Ania Bas in collaboration with Islington residents.

Ings (Holding, Shaking, Gazing, Net-Working) is a series of relational objects that you are invited to make yourself using everyday materials. These can then be used to create new ways of experiencing your home environment.

To download instructions please click:

  1. Holding
  2. Shaking
  3. Gazing
  4. Net-Working

An Edible Portion of Truth is an audio piece composed of six chapters of lively narratives exploring childhood, sexuality, the hardships of adulthood and troubles of getting old. To listen to this audio please click through to:


Both works exist separately but have a number crossovers; works explore sensuality and the importance of human contact, invite the audience to make whilst listening and explore interconnections between a busy hand and an engaged ear.

Ings is a series of four relational objects designed in collaboration with Lucy Steggals and Saturday Socials a creative group who meet monthly at Cubitt. Contributors include David Milner, Peter Lanes, Maria Trofan, Maria D’Inverno, Maria Luisa Castelo, Kathy Cobb, Eileen Jacob, Ruth Pridham, Selma Atasoy, Mike Turney, Melanie Longmore, Anne Kozlowski-Hunt and Kusum Gohil.

An Edible Portion of Truth is an audio work by  Ania Bas developed through conversations with users of Islington’s Home Library Service. It consists of stories told by Boots Bantock, Douglas Dabb, Adeline Defalco, Valentina Dunmow, Leslie Kent, June Pile, Patricia Grace Slark and Phil Wildman.

Please note that in some of the recordings explicit language is used. Recordings were made in an informal, familiar setting amongst all adult friends. The conversations were not scripted but followed narrative prompts. This work aims to share some of the joy of those interactions and bring the participants’ voices to a wider audience.

These projects are part of the Saturday Socials programme, a partnership project with Cubitt, All Change and North London Cares, funded by Islington Giving and Arts Council England. The Saturday Socials programme aims to create more social connections between older Islington residents, and in 2017 Cubitt developed a new partnership with Islington’s Home Library Service to develop new ways to do this.

The works on this page were commissioned by Cubitt as part of their Going Places programme funded through Arts Council England’s Celebrating Age.

With thanks to:

Charlene Sandy, Outreach Coordinator, Cubitt

Kim Obeney, Community Access Senior Librarian, Islington Libraries

Tony Brown, Stock and Reader Development Manager, Islington Libraries

Esther Collins, Programme Manager: Adults and Community, Cubitt

All the staff and volunteers at: Ash Court Sheltered Housing

Duval House Sheltered Housing and Highbury New Park Day Centre


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Cubitt is an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. Founded in 1991, Cubitt now provides 32 artists’ studios with all artist members taking an active part in the running of the organisation.

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