Cubitt has over 30 artist studios which are rented on a long-term basis. As part of Cubitt’s ethos as an artist-run space each of the studioholders has to contribute to the running of the organisation and take on voluntary jobs which range from building maintenance and exhibition installation to Company Secretary and rent collection.

Aims & Objectives

To provide an exhibitions and events space managed by the artists in order to establish a vibrant environment for creative practice and dialogue. By working together, we hope to foster a broad range of knowledge and expertise. To maintain independence as an artist-run space whilst pursuing objectives with a high degree of professionalism. To profile emerging artists in a productive and critical context and to provide career opportunities for artists. To take risks and challenge pubilc and professional perceptions of what constitutes contemporary visual culture. To test models of curating and to expand the definition of exhibition practice.

Studios Waiting List

Cubitt no longer maintains a waiting list but will advertise studios on as they come up, in the interests of equal opportunities.

Iaspis Residency at Cubitt Studios

Cubitt is delighted to collaborate with Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grant Committee, on an ongoing international residency at Cubitt Studios. Past residency artists include Carl Palm, Jessica Johannesson and Anna Ådahl. Residencies start in October.

Cubitt Alumni

The following artists are former members of Cubitt: Bruno Barbier, Andrew Bick, Eliza Bonham-Carter, Pablo Bronstein, James Brook, Leela Budde, Dean Bucanan, Ellen Cantor, Andrew Carter, Roger Clarke, Anne Marie Creamer, Angela de la Cruz, Peter Doig, Kaye Donachie, Marte Eknaes, Abigail Fallis, Peter Fillingham, Rebecca Fortnum, Valerian Freyberg, Goodsway Architects (Dean, Matthew, Penny), Dan Griffiths, Tony Grisoni, Thomas Gosebruch, Frank Hannon, Matt Hartley, Sue Heap, Matthew Higgs, Brian Holdsworth, Vit Hopley, Helen Ireland, Adrian Jones, Valerie Josephs, Clair Joy, Louise Kay (nee Gross), T Kennedy, Chris Lee, Rosa Lee, Sally Lewis, Christina Mackie, Federico Martelli, Massey & White Architecture (John Massey, Mark White), Dawn Mellor, Tanya Merz, Sadie Murdoch, Paul Neesham, Tina O’Connell, Chris Ofili, Silke Otto-Knapp, Helen Paterson, James Pyman, Mazier Raein, Amy Reeves, Jane Simpson, Spunkflakes (Shaun McDermott, Paul Neesham, Dan Salmon), Penny Toleman, Nichole Wermers, Dave Williams, Rachel Williams, Carina Wyatt, Xing Xang.

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