A Circular 3

A Circular publication

Edited by Pedro Cid Proença with Fatima Hellberg
148×222mm, 124 pages, softback
Designed by Pedro Cid Proença
Published by Cubitt Gallery, 2015

Launched at Cubitt Gallery in 2015, this issue of A Circular includes essays from a variety of contributors: Before Publication by Stefan Themerson; Printers’ Manuals and the Bodies of Type by Lisa Maruca; Extract from ‘Fugue’, a Biography (continued) by Roger Laporte; Shot by Both Sides (1.36–1.46) by David Morris; Opus by Charmian Griffin; AT THE BIRD TABLE by Patrick Coyle; AROUND THE GARDEN by Patrick Coyle; The Middle of Nowhere (continued) by Will Holder; Offerings by Isla Leaver-Yap; Shot by Both Sides (0.24–0.34) by David Morris; Anna Magdalena Bach: True Author of the Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by Alex Waterman; My Heart Belongs to Bertie by Helen DeWitt; Lipstick (1.45–1.55) by David Morris; Potter’s Lexikon by James Langdon; Channel Cat in the Middle Distance by Jean Shepherd.

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