Cooperative Lunch #3: A Public Assembly


Cooperative Lunch #3: A Public Assembly
Sun 29 Sept, 1–3pm
Free, no booking required


What is this process?
What is this thing that homogenises complexity, difference, dynamic dialogue,
action for change and replaces it with sameness?*


The 2018/19 public programme at Cubitt has been organising under the title Structures That Cooperate – events, exhibitions, research and conversations have centred Cubitt’s position as an artist-run cooperative and how this can shape and support collective concerns as cultural workers. 

Cooperative Lunch #3 will take the form of public assembly around the proposition that London is a structure that does not cooperate. Unaffordable rents, unsustainable competition, unrealistic expectations – so why do art practitioners continue to move here? With what hopes and at what cost? Gentrification, competition and precarity have become normalised and internalised. How can we find ways to flourish under these conditions? 

Cooperative Lunch #3: A Public Assembly is an open forum to share, debate or just observe. Through a series of short readings and screenings; discussions will explore the conditions that lead to what American writer Sarah Schulman has called the gentrification of culture: increasingly precarious living and working conditions, the effects of gentrification on creativity and the homogenising impact of higher education. 


The event is hosted by Angela Blanc, Panos Fourtoulakis, Nora Kovacs, Ottavia Lunari and William Rees, a collective of curators currently studying and living in London. The hosts will prepare free food and drinks for all guests. 

Cooperative Lunches is a regular event series at Cubitt, an event around food, community, sharing space and knowledge. The first Cooperative Lunch in October 2018 was hosted by The Voice of Domestic Workers, a migrant domestic worker union in residence at Cubitt until December 2019 the second was in February and hosted by Cooperativas de Alimentos.

*Sarah Schulman, The Gentrification of the Mind

Image:  Morag Keil, Georgie Nettel, The Fascism of Everyday Life, 2016, HD Video, 11 mins, 44 secs
Courtesy the artists and Project Native Informant London

Cubitt Gallery is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We promote innovative curatorial practice with an 18-month Bursary, supporting curators at the beginning of their careers.

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