Second Tongues Open Call!

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Let’s imagine the future of language; Not simply the languages that we hear most often and take up the most space today, nor those that experts predict will survive and those that will not, but every single possible future for all languages that have ever existed,  and for everyone to whom they belong, and those that come to belong.

An open call to take part in the research stages of Second Tongues, a speculative fiction art project by Toronto-based artist Serena Lee.

Second Tongues plays with ideas of language by imagining a future global nation-state that takes an absurdly omnicompetent approach to mandating second language acquisition as a basis for citizenship, exploring the relationship between power, belonging, and language.

Second Tongues will be developed through conversations with London-based language education organisations, migrant worker and newcomers communities, linguistic and social science researchers, and public audiences. This project is a polyphonic framework for critically engaging with experiences of nationhood, kinship, market-driven globalisation as they relate to histories and practices of language.

As part of the project, Serena would like to invite conversations with people who are interested in questions of how and why we learn languages. These conversations will develop to form a collaboratively authored presentation at Cubitt in June 2019.

If you would like to meet Serena for a research exchange conversation, there are bookable sessions of up 40 minutes each for individuals or groups of 2 or more on:

Tues 16 April 11am–3pm

Wed 17 April 5.30–8.30pm

Tues 23 April 5.30–8.30pm

Please contact to book or with any questions.

(please be advised spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis)

Cubitt is an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. Founded in 1991, Cubitt now provides 32 artists’ studios with all artist members taking an active part in the running of the organisation.

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