Coop Fund Workshop


Saturday 16 Feb 209 | 3–5pm – COOP Fund Workshop

Free, places limited book <here>

Coop Fund is an experimental cooperative funding platform that accumulates financial resources through member contributions, and redistributes small funds to members using a cooperative decision making process.

This introductory workshop to their work and processes forms ongoing research and conversations Cubitt is engaged with through the 2018/19 programme into how to to think through resource distribution and economics in arts organisations; particularly looking at how artist-led cooperative models can develop autonomy and resistance.


The purpose of Coop Fund is to:

  1. Generate resources and discussion with individuals and/or collectives who want to formalise their working practices.
  2. Recognise members have individual needs and that these needs affect one’s ability to participate in collective work.
  3. Support proposals that struggle to get support elsewhere, either because it’s a project or group that is not formally constituted, because of the political content of the proposal, or because the protocols of the funding process are exclusionary.
  4. Resist the current forms of investor-owned, corporate, for-profit business models that dominate most areas of life, and bring into question the non-profit model and its over-reliance on wealthy elites.
  5. Address inequitable wealth distribution and the causes of injustice and inequality in our community through solidarity and discussion.
  6. Work in the field of cultural production. We don’t see this field as exceptional, or exempt from the need to develop ideas for structural change in regards to wealth distribution and democratic work practices. In fact, we know that this field is highly unregulated, exploitative and exclusionary at all levels.
  7. Show solidarity with historical and contemporary anticapitalist struggles, and acknowledge how these struggles have also tried to defend against the violence of white supremacy, heterosexism, ableism, gender binaries and environmental destruction.

Cubitt Gallery is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We promote innovative curatorial practice with an 18-month Bursary, supporting curators at the beginning of their careers.

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