Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History – watch it online






Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History is a new documentary produced by Cubitt’s Curatorial Fellow Morgan Quaintance, exploring Cubitt Studios, Cubitt Gallery and Cubitt Education, taking a look at the history and present of the organisation, its previous curators, artists and others who have been involved, as well as glimpsing into its possible future.

A special premiere of the film was held at the ICA in London on Wednesday 2 November 2016, followed by a discussion involving Cubitt artists and curators. A Q&A with Morgan Quaintance has been published on the ICA Bulletin, the official ICA blog.

Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History was realised with support from Outset Contemporary Art Fund and the dedication of Cubitt artists and staff.






Cubitt Gallery is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We promote innovative curatorial practice with an 18-month Bursary, supporting curators at the beginning of their careers.

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