Cubitt artist Benjamin Owen’s film event



Benjamin Owen who has one of Cubitt’s Community Studios at 73 Mildmay Street, and delivers our Saturday Socials programme has a film event  tomorrow evening in Bristol. It looks amazing…..


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42 .  . .  Performance from 7.30  pm  – 9 pm
43. And reached out.
44. To climb the glass mountain, one first requires a good reason.
45. No one has ever climbed the mountain on behalf of science, or in search of celebrity, or because the mountain was a challenge.
46. Those are not good reasons.
47. But good reasons exist.
48. At the top of the mountain there is a castle of pure gold, and in a room in the castle tower sits…
49. My acquaintances were shouting at me.
Donald Barthelme


For this event a range performers will gather in clusters across the floor of Trinity’s, Fyfe Hall  producing a sprawling live soundtrack to accompany the expanded film work Goldf”.  This work draws deeply upon Owen’s interest in layman’s relationship to politics, participation and performance.  His work aims to expand ideas of cinemas and how narrative is forged through the competition between soundtrack, voice and performance. Starting at 7.30 musicians will converse, build and resist amongst the bits .

Trinity Centre.
Trinity Rd
0117 935 1200

Part of the two week  Emergenc(i)es  6 – 17 June 2016

Emergenc(i)es is an activist-led exhibition to address the question of emergence within emergency. Two weeks of workshops, screenings, performances, thinking, art and discussions will create time and space to diagnose, explore and understand the world we live in. The full, and up to date programme, can be accessed here.   All sessions at Emergenc(i)es are free to attend, thanks to generous funding from Awards for All.

Goldf”was commissioned by Exeter Phoenix  and is supported by Arts Council England.

Trinity Centre is a wheelchair accessible venue

Cubitt Education is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We work locally with schools, community centres and groups providing a diverse range of artist-led activities.

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