A Public Resource


colossus of roads in s.f.


10 March – 10 April 2016. 

Featuring: Architects 4 Social Housing, Bonnie Camplin, Save Cressingham Gardens, Evan Ifekoya, Bill Daniel, Q-ART, Sisters Uncut, Spinwatch, Tamasin Cave, Russell Newell, ACT UP Oral History Project, Megan Nolan, Michael McMillan, SALT., Focus E15, Matthew McQuillan, Mati Diop, Michael Ohajuru, Standoff Films, Lou Macnamara, Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London (RAMFEL), Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), Bogle L’Ouverture Publications, Schooling and Culture Magazine, Paul Goodwin.


Part research tool and part forum,  A Public Resource transformed Cubitt Gallery into the setting for the dissemination and support of progressive ideas and nonconformist energies. Featuring a reading and research room, and a comprehensive, weekly programme of talks, events and screenings, the project focuses on giving a platform and space to grass roots political movements, activists, individuals and artists who were, in their own ways, campaigning for social, cultural or political change.

Download the full programme as a PDF here or visit the gallery events page.




A Public Resource installation view. Photography by Mark Blower.


And No Animal is Without Enemy, performance by Megan Nolan.


Talk by campaign group Focus E15.


A Public Resource installation view. Photography by Mark Blower.


A Public Resource installation view. Photography by Mark Blower.


The Walter Rodney Bookshop archive and associated documentation. Photography by Mark Blower.


A Public Resource installation view. Photography by Mark Blower.


Document from Architects 4 Social Housing’s current proposal for the redevelopment and not demolition of Central Hill Estate in South London. Photography by Mark Blower.


A Public Resource installation view. Photography by Mark Blower.


Reading by artist Evan Ifekoya.


A Public Resource installation shot. Photography by Mark Blower.



Cubitt Gallery is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We promote innovative curatorial practice with an 18-month Bursary, supporting curators at the beginning of their careers.

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