Everybody’s a Superhero

Everybody’s A Superhero, Creative Mentoring Workshops

Artist: Organised by Cubitt Education

Tuesday 25 November 2008 to Tuesday 9 December 2008

In November and December 2008 Cubitt Education ran a series of workshops for mentoring partnerships from Chance UK. They were led by Giulia Ricci, an artist and educator, who was joined by Roger Mason, a professional comics and storyboarding artist, and the young participants worked over three sessions to create a life-size superhero version of themselves. During the workshops they explored their good qualities, talents, and skills, and transformed them into the superpowers of their invented character.

Chance UK is a charity that matches adult volunteers with primary school children with behavioural difficulties who are at risk of developing anti-social or criminal offending behaviour in the future. Chance UK works closely with schools, parents, and social workers to deliver solution-focussed approach, over a year in which the children have access to a range of activities and visits, and are guided by a suitable role model. For more info visit their website: www.chanceuk.com

Cubitt Education has been working with Chance UK to develop our own Creative Mentoring Scheme, in which we are pairing professional artists, or arts graduates with young artists, in Year 6 or Year 11. The scheme is designed for pupils who show talent and and interest in art and who would benefit from enrichment through gallery visits and access to creative professionals and resources.

Our first partnership was launched in 2008, and in 2009 we launched 6 more partnerships (3 from Year 6 at Canonbury Primary School, and three from Year 11 at Elizabeth Garret Anderson English Language College).

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Cubitt Education is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London. We work locally with schools, community centres and groups providing a diverse range of artist-led activities.

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